Thomas J. Dancison, Jr.

"General" Dancison, as he is fondly known to the courts and citizens of Giles, Lawrence, Maury, and Wayne Counties, is currently a family law practitioner who focuses primarily on divorce, custody, and child support cases.  He is "of counsel" with the distinguished and storied law firm of Harwell and Plant in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. 

From 2011 through 2014, Tom served as the Assistant District Attorney General for Child Support Division of the 22nd Judicial District where he gained a reputation of being "firm but fair."  As the head child support prosecutor for the 22nd Judicial District, "General" Dancison made certain that "deadbeat parents" -- men and women alike -- were swiftly brought to justice and paid their child support obligations.

Recognizing the economic challenges facing both the parent in need of child support, as well as the parent ordered to pay, Tom made sure that child support  orders were fair to all parties involved in the case.  He also unilaterally developed the FRIENDS Program that helped parents obtain educational, substance abuse, and employment assistance in order to not only obtain, but to maintain good-paying jobs that satisfied their support obligations. 

For nearly 15 years prior to becoming one of the 22nd Judicial District's most powerful and dedicated child support prosecutors, he was a licensed trial attorney in Pennsylvania.  During those years, Tom handled a variety of cases in his general practice of law that, in addition to domestic cases, included:  PERSONAL INJURY, CRIMINAL, REAL ESTATE, LANDLORD-TENANT, TAX ASSESSMENT APPEALS, and WILLS AND ESTATE PROBATE.

In addition to serving as a trial attorney, Tom also spent nearly 15 years serving as an Arbitrator in the Civil Division of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania at Pittsburgh where he ruled on countless civil cases.  He also volunteered as a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ADVOCATE and PRO BONO DOMESTIC ATTORNEY, and was actively involved in the MATRIMONIAL INNS OF COURT.

While Tom is an experienced trial attorney, he is very successful at reaching marital dissolution agreements and parenting plans without the need to litigate before a judge. 

However, when you find that you are in a war over divorce, custody or child support, YOU NEED THE "GENERAL" to WIN your battle!