How long does a divorce take?

An uncontested divorce without children can be finalized in 60 days.

ALL divorces involving children take a minimum of 90 days to finalize.

The degree to which the parties can agree to resolve their differences generally determines how long a divorce will take. The more you fight, the longer it takes.

Do I need to mention custody in my divorce?

ALL divorces which involve minor children must have a Parenting Plan as a part of any final settlement agreement and the Plan must address child custody.

How is child support set?

Child support in Tennessee is based upon written "Guidelines" that have been created by the State Legislature.

How much will I pay for the support of a child?

Support is based on the combined gross income of the mother and the father of the child.  The parents' incomes are input into a support formula to arrive at an order that is based on the Guidelines.  As such, each order is different because it is based on the incomes of the parties themselves. 

What will a divorce, custody, or child support case cost?

Representation by an attorney in a divorce, custody, or child support matter is based on an hourly rate.  There is usually no way for an attorney to know for certain how long any divorce, custody, or child support case will take to finish.  Thus, the total cost of each case varies depending on the complexity of the issues involved in the case and the personalities of the parties.  At Dancison and Associates, a client generally pays a retainer and an hourly attorney rate, plus the costs associated with the case.