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The divorce process can be a difficult and emotional period in a person’s life.  At our firm, we generally try to get you through your divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible.

However, every case is different and every client has special concerns that need to be addressed during the divorce process.  Our approach is to advise you in a manner that considers both your financial—and in our mind more importantly—your emotional concerns throughout the process.

While no one can ever promise an outcome, Attorney Dancison promises to stand by your side every step of the way and defend your rights. 

When something is as emotional as a divorce, you need more than just an attorney, you need an advocate who will be with you through to the end.


To “General” Dancison, nothing is more important than protecting the rights of children.   For nearly 20 years, he has worked tirelessly to ensure that children do not become pawns in a war between two parents—and he has no plans to start now.

However, as a father of six (6) children—two of whom are step-children--he is very familiar with children and the effects that external influences such as divorce and separation can have on them.  At our firm, we strive to make certain that the Parenting Plans that are negotiated are done so in a manner that puts the best interests of the child at the forefront of all discussions.  

Unlike some firms who rely on so-called “standard form” parenting plans that are downloaded from a web site, at Dancison & Associates we look to the specific needs and expectations of the parents and children in each case and try to develop a unique parenting plan that addresses more than the wishes of one parent—but more importantly serves the needs of the whole family.  Just as every child is special, so too is every child custody order that we negotiate.


Attorney Dancison has conducted custody trials before the courts in both Tennessee and Pennsylvania for the better part of 20 years. He has used expert witnesses, home studies, and psychological evaluations of parties to ensure that custody determinations are resolved using all of the best and most persuasive methods available to the court.


In every custody case, we promise that your children will be treated like our own.

Child Support

Because he has served for nearly four (4) years as the senior Assistant District Attorney General of the Child Support Division in Lawrence, Wayne, and Giles Counties – as well as the senior conflict attorney for the 17th Judicial District – “General” Dancison has more experience in child support matters than any other attorney practicing in southern middle-Tennessee.  In addition to knowing the “legalities” of child support law, he knows—perhaps more importantly—the “practicalities and realities” of child support in courts of the 22nd Judicial District of Lawrence, Wayne, Giles and Maury Counties.

For parents who need to have their child support orders vigorously enforced, there are few attorneys—if any--who have more experience and success in bringing “deadbeat parents” to justice.  He can put his special skills of enforcement to work for you to make certain that your children receive the support that is due when it is due.

As for parents who may be suffering from seemingly unfair prosecutions or biased contempt actions, our firm is dedicated to fairness for both parents.  If you need someone to defend you in a contempt action, who better than a former prosecutor?  While we never condone ignoring a child support obligation, we can help our clients fulfill their support obligations by establishing an order that is fair and reasonable and able to be paid.

Other Practice Areas

Elder Law

 In conjunction with our associate attorneys and tax professionals, we are able to offer our clients superior service and assistance with all legal matters facing them in their golden years.   Whether it be the preparation of a power of attorney or living will, or dealing with nursing homes or home healthcare providers, our professionals will be beside you to answer your questions and guide you and your loved ones throughout your journey. 

Civil and Contract Law

 Drawing on combined experience that spans over 50 years and covers two different states, Dancison and Associates is well-equipped to handle your civil contract needs.  Whether you or your business require a new contract to set forth the terms and conditions of a new agreement, or if you need to enforce or interpret an existing contract, we have attorneys available to handle the situation.  From negotiating sales contracts, to litigating “Lemon Law” disputes with automobile manufacturers, our attorneys stand ready to represent our clients with negotiations, arbitration proceedings, and trial court hearings. 

Real Estate Law

While some attorneys only know real estate in the academic sense, Attorney Dancison is chief counsel for a property rental company and knows real estate from the ground up.  Our firm has experience in negotiating and drafting real estate sales contracts and deeds.  Working with a team of seasoned associates, our firm can assist with all aspects regarding your property including the preparation of closing documents to financing contracts and notes.


Attorney Dancison served as the law clerk for the Zoning Hearing Board of Adjustment for the City of Pittsburgh and reviewed cases ranging from variances for widths of driveways to special exception requests from corporate real estate developers.   If your property issue is in a rural municipality or a large urban center, our firm has experience to help you negotiate through the complex issues associated with the zoning process.

Tax Assessment Appeals

Working with a team of expert real estate appraisers, our firm will make sure that you only pay the fair tax assessment for your property and not an inflated valuation based upon some arbitrary computer scheme.  Attorney Dancison has litigated cases before local municipal taxing boards, as well as appeals to the trial courts.  

Landlord-Tenant Law

If you are a landlord or real estate investor who has issues with tenants, this is the law firm that you need to have in your corner.  We can prepare residential and commercial lease agreements, assist with property management, and handle the eviction and possession process.  What separates Attorney Dancison from other lawyers in this area is that while some only know the academics of landlord-tenant law, Mr. Dancison has experience as a real estate investor, developer, and owner – as well as a trial attorney in the eviction process.